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and designed for Saskatchewan entrepreneurs and beyond.

SMART START: Business Essentials Certificate Program

Engaging Learning Style

Learn from peers in class, and then apply your new knowledge by creating your own business plan.

Designed for Entrepreneurs

Learn about business in a way that is practical and immediately useable.

Develop YOUR Winning Strategy

Discover what tools, strategies, and platforms will address your specific business needs.





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    Program Overview

    This program gives new and hopeful business owners the tools they need to successfully and efficiently launch and build their new business. Participants will develop the knowledge and resources needed to quickly transition their business from the seed stage, through the start-up stage and into the growth stage as quickly as possible while reducing the cost of making mistakes. 
    Participants will learn about business fundamentals; choose a business structure; build a business plan; learn how to successfully apply for funding; build strong revenue generation skills; setup, understand, and manage their business financials; learn how to hire, manage, and motivate quality employees; and more.
    As a culmination of the course, participants will complete a capstone project which will result in an executable business and marketing plan tailored to their business.


Finding Your Million Dollar Idea

Refine their business concept and determine business viability by assessing the market need, competition, and profitability potential.

    Clearly identify and define your business idea, considering the who, what, where, when, why, and how.
    Evaluate the risks and rewards involved in your specific industry.
    Discover how entrepreneurs and their investors make financial decisions to create value and grow their business.

Researching the Environment

Build your minimum viable product, target early adopters, and incorporate feedback into the next generation of product.

    Collect feedback from peers and early adopters in your target market to validate your idea and refine your business strategy.
    Complete market research to analyze the industry and your competitors to determine your competitive advantage.
    Determine the viability of your business idea by determining your potential market share your product could reach.

Starting your Business Plan

Participants will be introduced to our business plan structure, and our process for completing it with minimal stress and time.

    Completing a business SWOT analysis
    Familiarizing yourself with the template
    Understand what banks & investors are looking for in your business plan.
    Enter your ideal client and market research into your business plan template.

Social Media Optimization

Course participants will learn how to harness the lead generation power of social media by developing and executing a social media strategy tailored to their business.

    Choosing your platforms wisely
    Organic and paid promotions
    Engaging with your audience
    Maximum lead generation strategies

Funding Opportunities are Available!

Did you know that there are a variety of government grants available to help eligible employers with financial support to train employees? 
Our goal is to help businesses and non-profit organizations find funding to support training new or existing employees to fill gaps in your business. You can visit our Funding & Grants page to see more and we have Customer Experience Specialists available to help you through the application process.