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    Program Overview

    This certificate program provides the participant with the tools to market their business, with a focus on marketing through digital channels. Participants will learn to adapt and overcome marketing and business challenges arising from the pandemic. 
    Participants will gain a foundational understanding of traditional, digital, and integrated marketing strategies; branding and reputation management; social media management; website design and management; content creation; and digital marketing analytics. This course also includes a module on managing virtual teams in a variety of contexts. 
    As a culmination of the course, participants will complete a capstone project which will walk them through the creation of an executable marketing plan for their business.


Marketing Fundamentals

This course introduces participants to basic concepts and language around marketing and developing your business's brand. Topics include discussing the pros & cons of traditional, digital, and integrated marketing strategies, perceptions around marketing as a cost rather than an investment, how and why to build a brand around your business, and what's involved with creating a written marketing plan.


Customer Centric Marketing

This course introduces why and how to take a customer centric approach to marketing. Participants will develop a deep understanding of who they are trying to market to and why, and identify opportunities within their existing clients and the market. They will then evaluate their current customer experience and identify opportunities to improve it, surpassing customer expectations and strengthening your brand reputation.


Website Design & SEO

This course breaks down website design and SEO into it's simplest forms so that you don't have to be a tech or marketing expert to design a great website that is easy to find and navigate. Our simple process will help you ask all the right questions, use the right platform, and include the right keywords to make your site easy to use for you, easy to navigate for your customers, and #1 on Google's radar.


Social Media Optimization

Having a social media presence is critical for businesses in our current environment, but most people don't know how to do it well. This course will help participants choose the right channels for their business by evaluating demographics of the most common platforms to compare with their target client personas. Additionally, participants will learn how to get the attention of and then convert their target audience into customers.


Digital Marketing Advertising

This course will introduce participants to paid digital marketing strategies including Search Engine Marketing, creating ads on the Facebook Ad Centre, and hiring social media influencers to promote your brand or product. We also discuss how to include email marketing, webinars, mobile marketing, and reputation management strategies successfully.


Traditional Marketing Channels

This course will help participants determine whether traditional marketing channels can or should be added to their overall strategy. We take a look at mobile marketing, email marketing, webinars, tv, radio, print, signs, vehicle wraps, merchandise, trade shows, conferences, and networking events as potential additions to their marketing strategy. 


Creating Excellent Content

Content is king in marketing. In this course, participants will learn how to create high quality text, video, audio, and graphic design content that will engage their target audience and represent your brand well. This course also discusses how campaign marketing and guerilla marketing strategies can look for entrepreneurs. Participants will also learn how to create their brand story, value proposition, and key messaging statements.


Marketing Strategy & Execution

In this course, participants will begin to form their marketing plan by developing SMART goals and choosing the strategies and tactics that will be used throughout the customer journey to accomplish these goals. Participants will be guided through the development of a marketing budget, and introduced to simple and low cost tools that will make the execution of their marketing plan much easier. 


Marketing Analytics &

Your marketing campaigns are up and running but you need to know how to determine whether they are working. This course will help you identify key performance indicators that will let you know early on where to make adjustments to make the most of your marketing dollars. We will also help you find key insights about your ideal clients from the metrics and analytics that you can pull from your website, your social media platforms, and Google.


Capstone Project Workshop

In this workshop, participants will pull together all the activities they've completed throughout the Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs Certificate program into a marketing plan. Participants will have the opportunity to collect feedback from their peers and instructors that will help them improve and execute their plan.

Funding Opportunities are Available!

Did you know that there are a variety of government grants available to help eligible employers with financial support to train employees? 
Our goal is to help businesses and non-profit organizations find funding to support training new or existing employees to fill gaps in your business. You can visit our Funding & Grants page to see more and we have Customer Experience Specialists available to help you through the application process.