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    Program Overview

    Our current environment demands a shift in the way we engage with and sell to customers. Sales professionals must be equipped to break the barriers that exist when selling particularly in the virtual world.

    This certificate program combines core traditional sales strategies in our 9 step sales process with psychological, marketing, and virtual tools and skills that will give you or your sales team a competitive edge.

    Participants will learn how to build and maintain a strong lead pipeline, win more opportunities in meetings, and create raving fans as a result of an excellent customer experience. During the program, participants will begin by understanding themselves, their product & company, and their target audience more fully; prepare for and ace sales meetings, and create a raving fan base.


Understand Yourself

Self-awareness is key when it comes to productivity and unlocking your success in sales and in life. During this module, participants will complete a Personality Dimensions test with our leadership coach and guest speaker Elizabeth Teliz-McQauarrie. Learn about your limiting beliefs, how to motivate yourself to master your procrastination, identify your personal values, and how to manage your time effectively.


Understanding Your Products

During this module, participants will identify how their personal values align with the values of their company and product, allowing you to deliver value-based sales. You'll also develop your unique selling proposition, using a deep knowledge of your target clients' gains & pains to focus on benefits rather than features. Finally, you will set your sales goals for the next year and identify what behaviours will result in achieving your goal.


Lead Generation

Learn effective marketing strategies to build your personal & company reputation and generate leads. This includes social media marketing, effective tradeshow strategies, effective traditional marketing strategies, great networking opportunities, and crafting your marketing messages. A brief overview of how to create great content and understanding your marketing metrics is also included.


Targeting Your Ideal Client

A key aspect of effective sales is defining and targeting your ideal clients. This module helps you develop stakeholder mapping & personas of your ideal clients, and gives you tools to qualify new leads effectively. Additionally, Elizabeth Teliz-McQauarrie will return to discuss how you can engage and communicate with your ideal customers by developing a deeper understanding of their wants & needs using the Personality Dimensions. 


Closing The Appointment

This module introduces participants to the 9 step selling process, by providing tools to become efficient in closing the appointment. This includes scripting for success and learning how to establish a connection with your target clients in the digital age. Participants will learn how to turn a cold call into a warm call, build resilience, enhance their persuasion skills, and build themselves a persistence checklist.


Engaging Your Client 

During this module, participants will learn how to prepare for and expertly move through a meeting regardless of whether it is in person or virtual. Strategies include setting the agenda, fact-finding, building rapport, building relationships with clients, and communicating effectively in a digital world. Learn the questions that drive great sales conversations using four different types of questions and three levels of listening.


The Power Of Storytelling

When it comes to sales, stories can not only create a connection, but they give you insight into what drives you. Participants will discover the power that stories play in persuasion, and learn how to tell the right story at the right time for the right reasons. Develop your own personal presentation strategy by combining your "Story Matrix" and the "Four P's" of presentations in order to create a compelling pitch and learn how to close by making a strong recommendation.


Objection Handling

Even salespeople selling the best products and services will face objections, but not all the objections you receive are the real reasons behind your prospect's hesitations. Learn how to anticipate and overcome objections before they even happen by asking the right questions and using the Law of 6 to be prepared to overcome them. Participants will also learn strategies on how to get a deal unstuck.


Closing The Deal

Closing is a make-or-break moment in sales, but it's simply the natural outcome of a sale done well. Good sales reps understand that building to a close is a process that involves getting a series of commitments. In this module, participants will learn the difference between a 1 call and 2 call close, determine which closing techniques match their sales style, as well when and how to terminate the deal.


Move Beyond Satisfaction

Good customer service starts at the moment a potential client walks into your business and continues throughout their interaction with your business even after the sales process has closed. Learn how to anticipate pain points in your process, accept accountability, and deliver exceptional service. This module goes beyond simply customer satisfaction encouraging participants to discover how to surprise and delight your clients, turning them into raving fans.


Raving Fans To Referrals

Discover the phase that follows the sales process - building a referral network. Once you've built a customer base of raving fans that provide you with testimonials and business ratings, it's time to turn them into your referral base. This module discusses the "Give to Get" principle and how to position the referral and engage referral marketing strategies.



Every top sales professional is constantly looking for ways to improve their sales technique because they know it leads to more dollars in their pocket. Learn how to continuously improve your sales process by creating an inventory of your sales knowledge, skills, and discipline; crating your quarterly dashboard, and completing a win/loss briefing. Learn how to identify and retarget customers that have fallen out of your sales funnel but still have potential.


Capstone Workshop

Throughout the Breakthrough Sales Certificate Program, participants complete exercises for their capstone project. The capstone project is the development of their own sales plan including ideal customer personas, sales goals, and the collection of tools and strategies they plan to use to improve their sales process. During the Capstone Workshop, Participants have the opportunity to share their sales plan with peers and collect feedback on it.

Funding Opportunities are Available!

Did you know that there are a variety of government grants available to help eligible employers with financial support to train employees? 
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