Ryan Doka

Social Media Specialist

Ryan is a social media expert. He has built a following of over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 1 Million followers on TikTok. Over the past 10 years, he has been successful in establishing brands online in various social mediums including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube and other social media.
For over 9 years Ryan has worked in the social media community with Metrics Online Marketing providing social media services for over 40 clients throughout Canada contributing and even creating the largest social trends. He has successfully worked to position a number of brands in manufacturing, retail and other sectors in Canada. He specializes in working with a variety of niche markets such as Real Estate, Small Business, Food, and Leadership Coaches, etc.
With over 150 million views worldwide and over a million followers across all major social media platforms, and an extraordinary ability to identify and capture valuable attention, Ryan helps businesses target and reach proper milestones. He operates with the understanding that thriving online starts with defining your end goal and working within your community to build the relationships that translate into influence and sales.

  • Cabin In The Woods

  • Taco Time

  •  Just Cause 2


●  Bachelor's of Arts: Film, Cinema, Video Studies
● EFSET 66 Advanced (CEFR C1): EF Education First
● Youtube: Silver Play Button Award
● Fourth place in a 5k run


I enjoy making TikToks and Youtube Videos, they let me really explore different areas of my creativity and allow me to dive deep into weird projects that I come up with on the fly. An added bonus is that it makes other people laugh!

Inspired By

England, such a beautiful place rich with history, marvelous architecture and wild accents.

What's a video that lives in your head rent-free?


Enough said. #terraria #games #perfect #fypシ

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