I believe that greatness lives in everyone, but not all have the courage to obtain it.

Elizabeth Teliz McQuarrie

Founder & CEO of Decode Greatness,Instructor for the People Management Certificate Program.

Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie believes learning for the sake of personal development and growth is key to success in all areas of career and life. She has an open-minded approach that comes 25 years of experience in small businesses, non-profit organizations, politics, mining industries and healthcare.

Elizabeth understands the value of investing in people. She links “Decode Greatness” principles with high-performance, individuals, teams and organizations so they can achieve unity and results. She has a drive and passion for creating a culture that encourages an empowerment approach through increasing personal greatness.

Elizabeth's empathic listening style and curious nature make her a sought-after coach and adviser. Elizabeth motivates people to connect with themselves and each other by understanding who they are and why they are here, in a way that fosters a personal state of greatness.

It’s amazing what we can do when we know and feel who we are!

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