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that will help you increase the profitability of your business.

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We invite you to register for our FREE New Years Business Resolution Series to launch your business into a successful 2022!During the Holiday Season, we want to show our gratitude for all the support we have received throughout the year from the small business community!

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Certificate Programs

Advance your business with 7-10 weeks of targeted learning and development that will help you build your business's winning formula. 

Targeted 'Crash' Courses

These half day key topic courses can be applied to your business immediately to deliver lasting results.

Customized Training

Customized training programs can be created on demand for your industry specific, topic specific, or private training needs.

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Choose from the following ready to go courses that will make your business profitable and resilient in our fast-changing modern world.


Learn to market your business through the challenges arising from COVID by adopting digital marketing tools and strategies that will result in increased lead generation and sales.


Learn how to build a strong qualified lead pipeline, win more opportunities, and create raving fans as a result of an excellent customer experience all while adapting to a virtual sales process.


Learn how to read business documents, setup your business's financial structure, understand & utilize key business metrics, and understand the value of businesses.


Learn how to build a culture of greatness within your team by understanding how to identify and overcome conflicts, coach and motivate others, and hire for the organization instead of the job. 


Learn how to quickly transition your new business from the seed stage, through the start-up stage and into the growth stage as quickly as possible while reducing the cost of making mistakes. 

"I give it 5 stars!"

"This course has already benefitted my business. It gave me the opportunity to learn some programs that I didn't know like Canva so I was able to build my own social media posts, and it gave me the opportunity to see that there are portions of my marketing that I really don't want to do."

Digital Marketing Certificate Program


Erin Vaughn

Owner, Kinetic Auto Service Ltd

"It's definitely made us money..."

"The instructors are very knowledgeable and you feel comfortable asking questions and stuff. The material was good. It flowed very nicely and was easy to understand. This program has saved us money and made us money too! All because the marketing is done properly for us."

Digital Marketing Certificate Program


Duane Horvath

Owner, Lumsden Area Electrical Service

"A valuable tool for my business..."

"It is always difficult to take classes online but they handled it well and there was a lot of valuable information shared! I appreciate all the knowledge I gained through the class and will put it to good use! I definitely feel that it was a valuable tool for my business moving forward!"

Digital Marketing Certificate Program


Dianne Beauchamp

Owner, PuroClean Regina

The B Wise Learning Experience


Our expert presenters engage learners through stories, expertise, and humor (or at least we think we're funny). Each section is designed to give learners one key takeaway.


It's important to connect what you're learning with your business immediately for long term retention and habits. Each course provides you with opportunities to make decisions on which strategies will work best for your business.



In order to develop new skills, you need to try them out and determine what will fit your business best. Our courses provide opportunities to actually apply what you're learning on your business.


Knowledge is constructed through interaction with others—which is the foundation of our experience. It’s through sharing and discussing with qualified teaching leads and other business owners that we can gain perspective.

Learn Alongside Leading Businesses


Finding Your Winning Formula

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